Your community needs you

Welcome to the UKBJJ Support Network

UKBJJ Support Network

Created to offer support to the BJJ community and associated community; MMA and all combative sports, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The effects of COVID-19 safety measures are is causing some members to pause their membership resulting in some gyms or academies having to close.

We believe that together there is another way to get through this.

A world of BJJ resources for you to grip onto

We are providing you with a library of free training videos, from solo drills and sparring drills to flexibility and strength & conditioning.

We will be sharing new videos each week as well as going live with regular classes.

It really is all free all we need you to do is keep supporting your club that you train at.

Support the BJJ community

We know that BJJ is more than a hobby to you, it’s an outlet, it’s a challenge, for many it’s a sanctuary and a family. Right now that that is all at risk while we isolate and keep physically distant from other households.
We are staying apart in order to come together and combat COVID-19.

The independent gyms across the country rely heavily on monthly subs to exist and as a community, we can’t afford for these to stop. There will be no sanctuary to return to if we don’t keep providing financial support.

So here’s the deal.

You keep paying the subs direct to your gym and we will come together to keep you training at home with world-class, exclusive tutorials as well as regular live-streamed classes.

Strengthening gyms

Gym owners and coaches we are here for you and understand your needs. We are offering a wealth of business planning resources as well as Legal and HR advice to help get you through this crisis.


Any gym, academy or practitioner who wishes to take part, please complete the form below.

We have a list in place with some great people & academies already keen to collaborate.