Gym Owners

Support and resources to guide you through the COVID-19 crisis.
During these unprecedented times, we are here for you. .

Business Planning

Times are tough and small businesses are being hit the hardest by forced closures. UKBJJ Support creates a network with like-minded gyms & academies and put technology & resources in place to achieve the Objectives outlined here.

Helping you motivate and keep your members

You want to keep your members but keeping them engaged and motivated at a distance is not what your gym was set up to do.
We are helping to take the pressure off and have created resources for your members to access so they can train regularly and access exciting new content.

HR and Legal support

We will provide you with access to legal and HR advice over the next 3-6 months while we all navigate the effects of this pandemic.
Our team of experts can help you with business planning, so you can prepare your business for the next steps and what comes after.

What we need from you

Your contact details
Agreement to abide by our code of ethics (will be sent upon request).

A Commitment to providing content: Statement of availability to attend & present not more than once per week, a live (streamed) session from your gym or home, to contribute to UKBJJ Support.

It will be 5 videos of not more than 3 minutes duration each, of the choice of the gym/academy, in the agreed format.

Video Format Instructions

You may upload instructional videos with any relevant BJJ content including techniques, solo drills and strength and conditioning.

Our advice for this video format is:

They can be any length but they must be engaging so we recommend no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Black Belts are encouraged to send in videos of solo drills that people can do at home
  • don’t worry if you don’t have a training partner. Many in lockdown don’t. A video from just you training solo drills is great
  • You should state who you are, which gym or academy
  • State what the technique is that you will show
  • Clearly and slowly break this down for the audience

Video notes

UKBJJ Support will collate, upload and curate all of the videos before making them public.

These will be stored securely on YouTube.

The videos will immediately become the property of every gym & academy who participates in the UKBJJ Support Network so that they may share with their gym members.